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Long Farm Feast for Cardinia Shire

Presented by Sustain

Seetihiin! Join the East African Sisters onsite at the Cardinia Community Food Hub for a delicious multi-course, share plate feast featuring produce grown locally in the heart of Cardinia Shire.

A celebration of 'casual fine-dining' and served with a side of social impact, the Long Farm Feast connects paddock to plate with a feast of Somali & Ethiopian dishes prepared by a social enterprise, served onsite by a social enterprise, and in support of social enterprises & agripreneurs.

With 100% of the feast profits donated to local & international farming initiatives, you can vote with your lunch or dinner ticket if you'd like to support food sovereignty here in Cardinia Shire, or Gaza. Can't decide? Donate to both!


Time : 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM 

Tickets : $75 + Booking Fee

Supporting : Women Farmers of Gaza 

Connecting plate to paddock with food and stories showcasing female farmers and food producers, guests of the Long Farm Lunch will sit down to a celebration of authentic Somali & Ethiopian food prepared by the East Africa Sisters, Fahan & Safiya.

Guiding the conversation on women in farming & food, will be Louise Ward, whose career in agriculture & food includes Presidency of Global Gardens of Peace, founder of Edible Forest and co-owner of Yarra Valley Estate.

100% of the Long Farm Lunch profits will be donated to the Gofundme campaign connecting female food producers & agripreneurs in Gaza with grants to expand their farms & food practices.


Time : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

Supporting : United African Farm, Pakenham

Tickets : $75 + booking fee

The Long Farm Dinner is a celebration of the community who congregate at the United African Farm in Pakenham, to prepare beds, sow seeds & plant cool climate crops that complement their traditional culture & cuisines.

Key farmers and partners from UAF will share their stories and aspirations, including agricultural scientist Thuch Ajak, founding UAF farmer Mama Queyea Tuazama and ASRC Director Abiola Ajetomobi. And joining UAF is Mariam Issa, sharing her experience arriving in Australia from war-tone Mogadisho, relocating not only a young family of six but in the process forging an Australian career as a chef, author, board member of ASRC, Director of Family Peace & Founder of RAW Community Garden. Guiding the conversation on the evening, will be Cardinia Shire's farming & food systems identity, Max Godber.

100% of the Long Farm Dinner profits will be donated to the United African Farm, enabling this community to continue sharing their cultural knowledge and traditional methods of food production, and in the process strengthening and diversifying food sovereignty for Cardinia Shire.

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