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Impact Principles

While every food system transformation project we work on is different – the principles that underpin our work don't change. We always:

  • Integrate across silos. Because food systems touch every aspect of people's lives, we support our clients to see and design for the big picture. For our local, state and national government clients, this often means convening fit-for-purpose teams, made up of internal change-makers from across health, planning, waste, housing, community strengthening, environmental or economic development departments. For our NGO and private clients, we bring this system-level perspective to every meeting and piece of work we deliver.
  • Frame food security as a right. Simply put, we believe everyone has the right to nutritious food. To make that vision a reality, we support our clients to directly address the real-world barriers facing their communities - like a lack of access to fresh & healthy food, affordability issues or food that doesn’t fit cultural preferences. Through domestic and international frameworks (including the Sustainable Development Goals), best-practice benchmarking and community-based perspective-gathering, we help our clients deliver on this responsibility to the communities they serve.
  • Seek out people's lived experiences. We can only go so far in Council chambers or boardrooms. Actively involving people – around kitchen tables and in their community centres – is how we support clients to design food systems interventions that people need and will take ownership of.
  • Walk the talk. We are a think and do network. Through our three urban farms and youth internship programme, we help community members feed, teach and heal each other. Our recommendations to clients come from this real-world experience.

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