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Tracy Hardy

Founder, Accredited Nutritionist/Dietitian, Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

Tracy is a Gamilaroi woman, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Beauty Therapist and founder of Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing. Wattleseed Nutrition is a 100% Aboriginal owned business based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Tracy is also an accredited Wayapa® Wuurrk practitioner. Wayapa® is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Tracy takes a personalised, holistic and culturally centred approach to foods, food systems and environments, meal patterns, eating habits, health and wellbeing. Tracy believes that knowledge is power, and that part of her role is to place that power in your hands so that you feel confident in contributing to positive change and self-determining individual, family, community and Mother Earth's health and wellbeing. Tracy views health and wellbeing through a strengths-based, holistic and cultural lens, focussing on sustainable and healing connections, conversations and actions. She truly believes in the strength and healing power of understanding and sustaining our connections to traditional foods, lands, and cultural practices.

Tracy believes through two-way sharing of knowledge we foster understanding and grow stronger in self, mind, body, and spirit wellbeing.

Tracy actively participates in professional development courses, to ensure she continues to expand her knowledge and skills, so that she can continue to provide current and quality services and offerings for her clients, at her workshops and retreats. To date, Tracy has completed a Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research; a Certificate in Aboriginal Narrative Therapy; a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner Diploma; a two-day Gaa’na Healing Workshop; a two-day We-Ali Dadirri Workshop; Body Image Online Training for Clinicians; several online Mindfulness trainings for dietitians; Acceptance Commitment Therapy training for dietitians; online training in the Foundations of Trauma-Informed Dietetic Care; a residential Permaculture Design Certificate and personal interest courses such as Creating Circle Immersions, Nature Reading and Creating your Own Oracle Cards.

Some of the workshops Tracy offers (online and in person) include:
• Gathering, Cooking & Eating with Deep Listening Workshop Series
• Nutrition for skin workshop
• 6-week Wayapa Wuurrk Immersion Workshops
• Gut health workshops
• Retreat workshops: Wayapa Wuurrk, Beauty therapies utilising bush botanicals, health & nutrition
• Macronutrient Workshop Series (fusing traditional and bushfood ingredients)
• Bespoke nutrition workshops designed to meet organisational and community needs
• Community-based workshops
• Youth-based workshops
• Recipe Research and Development
• Work-based lunch-time learnings