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Amelia Harray

Director & Founder, PhD, AdvAPD, AN, Eat Sustainably

I’m an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Nutritionist, Researcher and the Founder of Eat Sustainably. I’m a lifetime sustainable eater and enjoy raising my four kids with foods that are delicious, nutritious and environmentally sustainable.

I have a PhD in healthy and sustainable diets, lecture in the Master of Dietetics at Curtin University, and am the Clinical Lead of a world first trial looking at the impacts of plastics in food on human health at the University of Western Australia Medical School.

I founded Eat Sustainably with a mission to collaborate with individuals and organisations and translate complex nutrition science into digestible messages and practical tools that busy people can use to eat more plants, more local seasonal foods, less plastic in food and to reduce food waste. Many people care about their health and they care about the planet, but often don’t realise they can make small and sustainable changes to not just what they eat but how they eat to benefit both.

Online Eat Sustainably memberships support individuals with practical tools, resources and education to change the way they shop, store, prepare, cook, enjoy and dispose of food to support their health and the planet. Eat Sustainably promotes the health and well-being of teams and communities through tailored team workshops, presentations, menu and catering reviews, policy consultation, research, reporting and communications.