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Allan 'Big Al' Connolly

Founder/Managing Director, Kommuniti HQ

A multi-award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for economic and community development and Founder/Managing Director of Kommuniti HQ.

Kommuniti HQ - A profit for purpose social business, building community wealth in Australia.

We are aligned with the organisations and thinking that believe we do not have a wealth problem in the world, we have a distribution of wealth problem.

This thinking is so powerful, there is now a Community Wealth Building Centre of Excellence based in Manchester UK that we draw some of our support and resources from.

Our aim is to alleviate, loneliness, poverty, and homelessness in Australia (and beyond).

We began this aim in January 2020, 1 person and 1 suburb at a time, starting in Kingsley, Western Australia, and we are not stopping until we reach 10,000 Australian suburbs with 1000 members in each suburb contributing a minimum of $5 weekly for their membership to their own local kommuniti hub within a local government authority.

A kommuniti hub is a physical or virtual hub that provides and hosts community activities that local people need. They are led and run by the community and are open and accessible to everyone.

A profit for purpose social business reinvests 50% or more of its annual profits towards achieving its aim and we will use wealth-creating principles to become sustainable for that purpose.

I believe that charity begins at home in the local kommuniti and it is right here in our own backyards that loneliness, poverty, and homelessness will be alleviated and possibly one day, eliminated altogether.