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Young Farmers Connect

We are an alliance that believes in a bright and prosperous future for our next generation farmers.

The average age of an Australian farmer is now nearly 60 and vast amounts of our soils have been degraded by industrial agriculture and changing climate threatens the quality and security of our food and health. Young Farmers Connect are committed to being stewards of the land, soil and sea and creating sustainable food systems for all. By empowering a community of regenerative and ecological farmers we can create dynamic, nourishing, vibrant and engaging careers in agriculture.

Young Farmers Connect (YFC) is about empowering people to connect; with the land, their food and each other. We are a national not-for-profit organisation that unites young farmers who seek to produce ethical and sustainable food, fibre and medicine for our communities. YFC is a community that provides a national framework for peer support and a network that facilitates opportunities, land sharing, collaboration, education, mentorship & industry support to new, young and aspiring farmers throughout Australia. We understand the barriers and challenges for new farmers and advocate for resources & supportive pathways to mobilise young farmers into the agricultural sector, revitalise our rural communities and transform the way we produce, supply and consume nutritious clean food.