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Wormlovers have the products, the passion and the know-how to turn food waste into nutrient rich plant food… good for you and good for the planet!

Wormlovers helps businesses, schools, councils and households upcycle organic waste. Our aim is to re-frame excess food from ‘waste’ to ‘asset’ by promoting the concept of the nutrient cycle – the food you don’t eat is as full of nutrients as the food you do eat. Those nutrients should be cycled back into the soil to grow more food through worm farms or composting, either right at the source or offsite locally. Eat, compost, grow, repeat.

Wormlovers supply, advise and educate on worm farm and composting systems for efficient onsite organics processing at every scale, from the single occupant apartment to large commercial sites. We pick up and compost organics at our operations site within Melbourne Waters’ Western Treatment Plant, returning castings, mature compost and worm juice for landscaping, food gardens and even broadacre application. To complete the nutrient cycle, Wormlovers design, build and install water efficient, highly productive wicking garden beds, complete with their own high quality, nutrient rich growing medium. We specialise in nutrient cycling and have developed a range of free online resources, including FAQs, guides and tipsheets, and a school curriculum programme, which is used by hundreds of schools alongside Hungry Bin worm farms.

Each year Victorian households throw away 250,000 tonnes of food, adding to greenhouse gasses and harmful leachates in landfill. This is not just a waste of nutrients but also a waste of the embedded water, labour, fertiliser and energy that has gone into producing it. Managing organic waste intelligently is a meaningful way to live more sustainably and can contribute significantly to climate restoration. It is within everyone’s reach to help transform the organic waste problem into a nutrient cycling opportunity.

Organic waste consultants to councils, schools, businesses and the general public. Sales of compost worms and the innovative Hungry Bin worm farm are delivered Australia wide.