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Permaculture Education Institute

As you are probably aware, the study of permaculture is cutting edge and rarely part of any traditional degree.

The Permaculture Educator’s Program is the ONLY place you can earn an internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate and a Permaculture Teacher Certificate together online.

Our Permaculture Educators’ Program teaches you how to design abundant and regenerative permaculture systems, how to become an excellent permaculture teacher and facilitator, and how to start your own permaculture enterprise.

You'll be out and about teaching permaculture workshops so soon. We are very connected to permaculture leaders and projects around the world, so you will have opportunities to find and work with teachers and practitioners to gain experience.

We offer scholarship programs to women and young people in the majority world who would never have the chance to access a course like this. We also support indigenous students, refugees and displaced peoples.

Join an exciting international learning community with world-class permaculture teacher, Morag Gamble and her team.