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Indigenous Plants for Health Assn.

Raising awareness, research into Australian health-promoting plants, and protection of their habitat.

Indigenous Plants for Health Association (IPHA) is an incorporated association formed with the objectives of raising awareness, sourcing grants and sponsorship for sustainable production of indigenous plant-based products.

Within Australia there is a wealth of knowledge of medicinal plants which may benefit humanity. As Australian flora is unique in the world and with the generosity and sharing by many indigenous people, this knowledge is now entering mainstream research, health care and pharmaceutical arenas. Our focus includes community engagement in the protection, propagation, plant sales and the development of plant based medicinal products. The Association will ensure opportunities and rewards from such activities flow through to Indigenous Australian communities in the form of scholarships and funding for business ventures.

We have created lists of significant indigenous species that meet the health-promoting criteria, including but not restricted to plants with medicinal, aromatic and nutritional benefits. A quarterly newsletter is distributed to our members and each month we feature a profile of one of the plants from the health-promoting species list.