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Fox and Quail Farm

Using sustainable and traditional farming practices, we source heirloom varieties and encourage open pollination in the paddock. We celebrate perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables. Letting plants mature full cycle so they flower and form seeds. Seed collection is doing our part to conserve and preserve varieties for many generations to come.

The vegetables are left on the plant or vine to mature with the seasons for the sugars and flavours to develop naturally. Harvest is by hand at a time when the plants tell us when they are ready. That means the seasons are different each year. It’s about working with the land and living with the seasons that makes every day different.

Chefs we collaborate with embrace the seasons and use the whole plant. They respect the land, the farmer and mother nature. It is an honour to have our vegetables turned into artistic creations on a plate. Enabling diners to reconnect with the origin of food, learn about the varieties, how it is grown and where it is harvested.

We source ingredients for our gourmet pantry range straight from the paddock. Utilising the flavours of sun-ripen fruits and vegetables. This minimises waste, uncompromising quality. We believe in using produce in season when they are at their best and prolonging its goodness by traditional pickling and preserving. Each batch is hand crafted and limited edition, dependant on what is available at harvest. We do not use any artificial colourings, additives, preservatives or commercial pectin or setters. Many of our products are gluten free, dairy free and Vegan Australia certified.

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