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Food Plants International

Helping the hungry feed themselves well

Purpose of the Association:
Food Plants International Inc. exists to meet the basic food requirements of malnourished individuals and communities through the development of sustainable small scale food production systems based on a diversity of local food plants.
Key objectives of the association
1. Food Plants International Inc. is primarily committed to the relief of hunger and malnourishment with a special focus on the tropics.
2. Food Plants International Inc. is committed to the development and resourcing of sustainable small scale food gardens that provide adequate nutrition to communities.
3. Food Plants International Inc. seeks to learn about and promote awareness of local food plants as the primary source of nutrition for local communities.
4. Food Plants International Inc. equips and trains individuals and organisations with knowledge and skills related to development of sustainable food gardens and small farm systems.
5. Food Plants International Inc. creates, maintains, publishes and distributes database information on food plants, diseases and insects relevant to food plants.