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Coledale Public School

School garden

All students participating in this organic garden program will learn:

- How important plants are to all food production, and how agricultural practices affect the environment.
- Basic botany through lessons and observations of plant growth in simple experiments, and how plants reproduce.
- How soil life forms affect the health of plants.
- Practical applications for mathematics in measuring planting distances, dividing beds for broadcasting seed, weighing seed and produce.
- About beneficial insects and fauna, and respect for nature.
- The benefits of biodiversity.
- How to manage natural resources.
- How to work as part of a team.
- Responsibility in caring for living things.
- A sense of pride in being able to produce their own food.
- Management of our organic waste eg. composting and caring for our worm farms.

The program also expands students' vocabulary through a glossary of gardening words. Students improve their communication skills through keeping a diary of the progress of their garden and records of crops, as well as writing a summary of what they liked best about the program.

The course is very involved and the children who have been selected will grow a passion for the garden and then be able to share their skills and knowledge with other students.