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Independent community allotments

The Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia is a charity with the aim of advancing humanity and the environment together and pursue environmental, food and employment justice by self-governing independent parks. Since 2012, Urabbaparcensians have developed new governance models for community gardens and parks with responsibility, accountability and creativity. Urabbaparcensia operates the Racservian Environment of New Eurabba region project, with the Enactorial House of Racservia, promoting ecological pillars such as a commitment to local food production.
Urabbaparcensia has joined Sustain with the intention of establishing new Urabbaparcensian sites or 'urabbaparcensias' that can be used as an environmental, food and employment justice hub, a way to engage the broader electorate in matters of food system governance. So "from the Urban Aparencias to the Urabbaparcensias", let's live in more affinity with the planet.