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City of Greater Geelong

Food Policy and Strategies


A healthy, sustainable, prosperous, and fair food system where:

- All members of the community have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their cultural and dietary needs

- Food is produced and consumed in ways that protect the city’s natural resources and increase the resilience of Geelong’s food system

- Food growers and other food businesses in the Geelong region thrive

- Cultural and culinary diversity is celebrated and
- People have the knowledge and skills to participate actively in shaping the region’s food system


The City of Greater Geelong recognises that it has an important leadership role in strengthening the resilience of the region’s food system. Council also recognises that food system change cannot be achieved by any one organisation working in isolation, and that everyone has a part in creating healthy, sustainable, prosperous and fair food systems.

The implementation and development of Geelong’s food policies provide the city with the opportunity to better link activities and industries across the food system, strengthening the resilience of the system. There are also challenges to be addressed in strengthening the region’s food system. They include economic and environmental pressures on food production, high rates of obesity and reducing food insecurity.

Role of council/key action areas:

The City of Greater Geelong’s roles in delivering their food policies include:

Land Use Planning

- Utilising measures in the Local Planning Policy Framework to protect farmland and support community food production.

- Advocating to the State Government for additional measures to assist farmland protection and increase water security.

- Advocating for the establishment of intensive farming options (land and water based) that are identified as appropriate and sustainable for the region.

Licensing and Regulation

- Using regulatory powers and/or policy positions to create an environment that supports a safe, healthy, sustainable, prosperous and fair food system.

- Where possible, reduce the regulatory burden in order to improve access to nutritious food.
Facilitation, Advocacy and Leadership

- Lead by example with the food that the council purchase and make available (for sale or otherwise) through council services, events and facilities that the council manages or leases.

Partnerships and Civic Engagement

- Work in partnership with the community and other levels of government to deliver the food policy.

- Empower local residents to participate actively in shaping the region’s food system.


- Build an evidence base about the City of Greater Geelong’s food system to guide action and evaluate policy outcomes.
Workforce Development
- Ensure staff are well trained to deliver the food policy.
- Foster an organisational environment that encourages continuous innovation to support implementation of the policy.

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