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Terms of Use

Sustain: The Australian Food Network (Sustain) is a think and do network connecting passionate people like you to build tangible change.

The Australian Food Systems Directory is a web-based tool in the form of a directory of people, organisations, projects, knowledge, infrastructure, events and other resources related to food systems. Anyone working in or with an interest in sustainable, healthy, resilient and fair food systems is welcome and encouraged to use and develop this Directory, by registering as a user.

Registration is free. Registered users are required to:

  • Provide their name and a valid email address
  • Agree to be contacted by Sustain and the Directory administrators
  • Agree that Sustain will maintain, for administrative purposes (i.e. not for public viewing), a list of registered users.
  • Agree that your personal data may be collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy

If you wish to submit a personal or organisation profile page for inclusion in the Australian Food Systems Directory, you agree that you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older and able to enter into contracts voluntarily
  • The information in any submitted profile page is true and accurate
  • You are the person represented by your personal profile page
  • You are an authorised representative of any organisation with a profile page submitted and/or managed by your account
  • You have the right to distribute any copyrighted material (photos, logos etc) submitted along with a profile page, and grant Sustain permission to display any such materials in relation to the listing of the profile
  • Profile pages submitted for inclusion in the Directory are within the scope of the Directory's purpose, i.e. organisations/entities, people, projects, events, knowledge, and infrastructure that form part of Australia's food system
  • Inappropriate or abusive profile pages will be deleted from the Directory, and may result in the user's account access being revoked

We reserve the right to decline your profile page submission, at our discretion.

Users are encouraged to make recommendations for improvements and / or modifications of the Directory. Sustain reserves the right to make such improvements and / or modifications as it considers appropriate, having regard to the means available at its disposal.

For any questions or notices, please contact us at: