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Ninna Mar

Founder of Symbiotic , Symbiotic

Communicator, Permaculture student, green documentary photographer, former press journalist.
Living one year of activism improving my impact in the world and documenting trough photography the findings in my very personal project: GREEN RIOT. You can find there groups are building community and restoring the environment in greater Melbourne.
I believe in degrowth economy, I do believe in Edible cities and guerrilla gardening. We shouldn't have community gardens... the city must be an Open Edible Garden, is totally possible. Let's decolonised gardening, stop making it a privilege and just an aesthetic practice.
I am studying permaculture with amazing David Holmgren to work with kids and propagate ethical living and ecological perspectives since childhood. Permaculture and Indigenous perspectives should be a subject every year in all primary education.
All my projects work in the intersection of Collective Healing, Social Justice, environmental Activism. Find them on Instagram @symbiotic_ninna