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Wandiful Produce

A little alpine valley called Wandiligong in north east Victoria is the home of Wandiful Produce. This venture is born out of an inter-generational love for this piece of land, friendly little valley, amazing rusty red soil, peppermint gum infused air, flowing creeks and surrounding mountainous area. This place creates 'Wandiful' produce.

It was the 1950’s, when my Grandpa and Grandma bought the 'old block' with a dilapidated pear orchard planted in the 1880's and lots of blackberries, silver wattle and bracken. My green-thumbed Grandpa sourced a wide variety of hazelnut cuttings from the local area and planted a large orchard. Now 60 years old, these hazelnut trees produce more abundantly each year! Our family has been nurturing and enjoying this small productive block for four generations now, with a newer neighbouring 5 acre chestnut orchard adding plentiful supply to the mix of produce. The flavour and health benefits of chestnuts is largely undiscovered by the Australian palette but well known in Europe, we are hoping to change this!

Practicing Bio-dynamics is important to our story as through this we are enlivening the soil and producing food that is in optimum health and free of chemicals. The rest is up to nature, as the trees rely on rain for watering and heavy frosts over winter for a good harvest come Autumn time.

Over March and April 2017 we are excited to have offered Pick-your-Own chestnuts with optional peeling a new addition to what we offer. A true farm to table experience! Keep your eye on our Facebook page to keep in touch with events we have coming up including being part of the Bright Autumn Festival Program and Wandiligong Nut Festival.