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Dumu Balcony Cafe

Nourishing Hearts, Bodies and Minds

Dumu Balcony Cafe, a 'for purpose' training cafe, was foundered by two friends who love to cook, eat, drink and share great times around the table, while also providing a supportive space where young people can learn skills to enhance their lives and make choices for their future.
Now majority-owned by a Marri Amu woman from the NT, Dumu has a strong focus on sharing culture, values, sustainable practices and consciously made food with the local community.
Our menus include local, bush, Co-op and rescue foods - with the most important ingredient being love.
Through a partnership with Thamarrurr Youth Indigenous Corporation, we help develop future leaders and promote reconciliation with each coffee and meal we serve. We also provide a space for the Bright Food Co-op to serve the community, as they provide access to bulk organic foods at close to wholesale prices.
The Co-op also facilitates the sale of fresh produce from small-scale local farmers.