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Cherrytime Orchard

Cherrytime Orchard is located on the eastern slopes of the Warby Ranges, 10 mins from Wangaratta. We have over 25 years experience trialling many varieties of berries and various growing and pruning techniques, so we can produce the most delicious berries you’ll ever taste.

In November and December Brambleberries (Blackberries) , Boysenberries and cherries are harvested and sold at the farm-gate and at local markets.

The main variety we are currently growing is a cultured blackberry with thorns also known by various names like Silvanberry and American Blackberry.

We have found they have more taste than the thornless blackberry. We also grow Boysenberries.

We also grow other fruit, almonds and vegetables and produce gourmet jams, jellies, sauces and syrups.