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Bunyip Hollow

Bunyip Hollow explores a passion for fantastic tasty ethical food.

Bunyip Hollow is where we explore our passion for fantastic tasty ethical food. We do ‘experimental gourmet agriculture’, growing the foods we love.

Founded in 2013 on land previously disturbed by the construction of the Wodonga train station, the Bunyip Hollow organic farm in Wodonga Victoria is managed to work with the land, animals and nature to achieve goals that support ethical farming for the long term. We constantly refine and improve our methods as we learn new things.

We produce the exciting, unusual and the finest food we can sharing our enjoyment of:
Organic, chestnut fed fresh and smoked pork products
Seasonal fresh and dried native ‘bush tucker’
Organic fruit, herbs and vegetables
Unique sauces, jams chutneys
Our animals are organically raised and fed. We comply and try to exceed the National Standard for Organic and BioDynamic Produce (Australian Government). These organisations do not assess tiny pig farms like ours but we exceed the standards for:

Animal nutrition, environment , housing, health and well being
Farm management practices
Conversion of lands and soil management
Genetic modification
Plant production, protection and harvesting
Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program
RSPCA Pig standards

Our farm shop and availability at farmers markets will be reopened and renewed soon as we recover from the challenges of Covid 19, but our animals are happy and healthy as always!

The Bunyip Hollow farm shop is available at: